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Here at BCG, we are an FFL-07 and SOT-2 and can manage all your transfer needs.  We are now offering a LEO program to back our Men and Women in Blue.  Click on the LEO Link at the top for more info.

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We are constantly growing and are excited for our future.  Please check out the website and email us with any questions.  If you don't get a response within a reasonable time, please email directly, copy/paste info@breachersllc.com  Thank you

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Let me do the hard work for you, I'll guide you through the process, work with you on the build and give as much advice as needed to complete your dream rifle.  We also handle fire arm sales, perform all FFL needs and specialize in Custom AR Builds.

James Zampier (Owner)


Daniel De La Cruz (Co-Owner)


Stryder St. John (RP/Admin)


Josh Butler (Marketing)


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We have dealer accounts with many, many quality distributors and manufacturers.  We specialize in building only high quality firearms with high quality parts.  You won't find any Chinese products being used in our builds, all parts are from reputable, well known manufacturers.  

Builds – Here at BCG, we specialize in custom firearms builds.  We build to suit, again with only high quality products being used in our weapons.  Check out the photo gallery!

Mission statements – We take pride in our builds and know that our name will be synonymous with QUALITY.

Company policies – Quality beats Quantity.  There is no substitution  for quality and building it right the first time every time.  It doesn't leave BCG if it isn't right.

Executive profiles – Veteran Owned business, Family man who's been involved in the firearms industry for 10+ years.  I take pride in my name and will do anything to keep my integrity.


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Breachers Custom Guns

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