About Us and the meaning being BCG

Being an Army Veteran, I’ve been around guns for most of my life. What started out as a passion for quality guns, I felt there was a void out there for custom firearms. The mil-spec rifle is just plain and not exciting. It was very hard to find a company that could do what I wanted to offer. So, I set out to start a company that could do just that, build the custom firearms that the people want. I came up with the name Breacher’s Custom Guns which is self-explanatory. The “Custom” firearm is suited to you and your need/desires. The initials BCG are also the initials for the Bolt Carrier Group, which to me is the heart of the AR Platform. Without this strong heart, your rifle won’t operate properly. Same as my passion for the guns I build. Without Heart and Passion, you’re just another run of the mill gun builder. With the evolution of this company, we are constantly improving our status in the dense market, making a name for ourselves every step of the way and with the right people in the right place, we are making that happen.