Unicorn Liberal Hater

What can I say about this build…Lets piss off a Liberal seems to sum it up. Starting with the Muzzle end is a SilencerCo Omega 300 to keep the weight down. The SilencerCo ASR brake is threaded to a 10.3″ Daniel Defense, Cold Hammer Forged, Chrome Lined Mk18 Barrel. Surrounding this bad ass barrel is a Geissele Mk14 hand guard. This barrel is then attached to an Aero Precision Upper. Since this will be used in CQB situations/courses as well as low lighting fundamentals, I went with the best being a Surefire light. Due to this being a SBR, I decided to go with a Surefire M300C, Sure fire pressure pad and housed it in a Cloud Defensive pressure pad mount placed directly above a BCM Mod3 Vertical Grip. Also sitting atop the upper used to be a Trijicon MRO but has since changed to an Eotech EXPS3-4 with a G33 Magnifier. For Back Up Iron Sites, I used a Daniel Defense Fixed front site and a Troy Folding rear for when the G33 is out of the way. Handling the rounds is a Lantac BCG and Charging duties were left to the Radian Raptor SD Charging handle. Handling the Recoil is a Vltor A5 system which is an Intermediate Buffer tube and a rifle length spring with H2 buffer. Handling the butt end duties is a Vltor EMOD. Moving down to the lower, it had to be a Spikes themed and a Unicorn Safe Space lower. Being full libturd, I had to go with one of the best triggers out there and used a Geissele Super Select Fire trigger. Holding this amazing trigger is a set of KNS pins. This was such a great build and has been a great running machine so far. Check out the pics