What better caliber can you suppress than a 300 blackout. So this build had to be reliable and functional. Starting with the muzzle end again I went with an AAC SDN-6 suppressor attached to an AAC 3 prong QD Flash hider. These two are attached to a 10″ Aero Precision Barrel and surrounded by an Aero Precision builders kit 9″ hand guard. Handling the rounds is an Aero Precision Nitrided BCG and charging duties were again left to Radian and I went with the SD-SL model. Attaching these items to the rest of the gun is the Aero Precision Upper and pinned to that is the matching Aero M4E1 Lower. Housed inside this lower is an Elftmann Flat face trigger. Holding the trigger down and in is a set of KNS pins. Sitting atop the upper is a Rudolph 1-6 SFP optic held down by an Aero Precsion offset mount. Pistol grip is a Magpul K2+ and handling the butt end duties is a Magpul SL-S. This has been such a great shooter. Check out the pics!