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Dubbed the "Avocado", this build turned out fantastic!  Aero Precision OD Green Builders set was the start of this build and in it no expense was spared.  Starting with the Pistol Brace, it had to have the new Maxim Defense SCW brace with H2 upgrade, from there moving forward, an Elftmann Trigger, KNS Pins, Radian Talon Ambi Safety, Geissele Airborne Charging Handle, Holosun 503GU Optic with a Geissele Super Precision Mount.  Barrel is a 7.5" Ballistic Advantage unit.  


Ultra Short 300blk

Back Pack Gun

The ultimate goal with this weapon was ultra compact, subsonic and home defense.  This build started off with an Aero Upper and Lower receiver and a SLR 300blk out barrel measuring 5", and an SLR 4.25" Hand Guard.  Internals include an Aero LPK, Geissele SSF trigger, KNS Gen G pins, Battle Arms Enhanced Take down pins, Battle Arms, FA Ambi Safety and Battle Arms Ext Mag Release.  Handling the bolt catch is a Geissele Maritime unit.  Due to travelling with this weapon, on went a Fab Defense folding Pistol Grip.  Handling the butt end of this unit is a newly developed Maxim Defense SCW Brace with H3 buffer upgrade.  Charging the proprietary Bolt is as always a Radian Raptor SD-SL Charging handle.   Up top, handling the optic side is my favorite Trijicon MRO.  Muzzle end of the game is a Dead Air Sandman K suppressor.  Light duties are left to the newly released Cloud Defensive OWL light.  


Daniel Defense DDM4V7

Additional Information

Customer brought in a Daniel Defense DDM4V7 to set up a little better for his tastes.  First up was the muzzle device.  The DD muzzle device wasn't the right look for the customer so I replaced it with a tucked Noveske KX5 Flash Hider.  This required shortening the 16" Barrel.  So off came the hand guard to remove the barrel.  The barrel was cut to the length I deemed proper.  Barrel was cut, threaded and the Noveske was timed to proper alignment, then Pinned and Welded per ATF Regulations.  Next came the Trigger, Ambi Safety, KNS Pins and finally topped with a Primary Arms 1-6 FFP w/ACSS Reticle in an ADM Mount.  Sometimes its the minor adjustments that just set it off.  


Storm Trooper

Additional Information

Customer Request of a Storm Trooper themed build.  This package started off as a basic AR9 and we added some color keeping the balance of white/black in mind and leaving accessories in black.  

Included in this basic build is a 5.5" Ballistic Advantage 9mm barrel, with a tucked Noveske KX5 Flash hider, running a FM9 Bolt from Foxtrot Mike, Battle arms Development Ambi Safety, KNS Anti Rotation/Walk pins, Radian Raptor Charging handle, BCM Pistol Grip and Finished off with a SB Tatical SBA3 Brace.

Strong Short Game

13.5" 308 Build

So, the shorty 308.  I went pretty extravagant with this build and ordered a Falkor Defense, Dracos "Straight Jacket" 13.5" barrel.  Handling the cycling duties is a JP Rifles Variable Mass BCG and JP Silent Capture Buffer Spring with H2 weights.  These are charged by a Radian Raptor Charging Handle.  Trigger is a Geissele SSA unit secured with KNS Precision .1550 pins.  Take Down pins are Battle Arms Development Enhanced and Battle Arms Ambi Safety as well.  Feeding this beast is a Lancer Translucent FDE 20 Rd Mag filled with Fort Scott Munitions 308 ammo.  Topped with a Nightforce 2-10 Optic in a LaRue QD Mount.  Taming the noise is a Dead Air Sandman Ti Suppressor as an option or as seen in the gallery, an Aero Precision VG6 Self Timing Brake.  Handling the butt end of things is an SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Brace. Supporting the barrel end is a rebranded AccuTac Bipod, sold by Falkor Defense.  


The Buttsy

50 Shades of FDE

Oh the Buttsy-----This little AR-9 Pistol was built for a local Instagram celebrity who goes by the name The Buttsy.  He's a major golf enthusiast and is starting to dip is pinky into weapons.  I built this for him on his request of a short, FDE and Black, 9mm AR Platform build.  Starting off with the Receiver side, I went with Aero Precision for the upper Receiver and Matrix for the Lower Receiver.  Barrel is a new modified Orien Barrel, cut to a custom length for proper look.  Muzzle blast is handled by a Noveske KX5 Pig Flash hider and all is covered by an Aero FDE Atlas S-One 7.5" hand guard.  Keeping his hand in check is a BCM KAG hand stop.  Charging the Foxtrot Mike FM-9 BCG is our standard Radian Raptor Charging Handle. Sitting a top of the Upper Reveiver is a Low Mount Trijicon MRO. Onto the Matrix Lower, handling the firing duties is a Geissele SSA-E Trigger, secured by proper .1550 KNS Gen G pins specifically made for Geissele Triggers.  Handling the "Butt" end of the stick is a Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Brace with a JP Silent Capture Buffer Spring made for 9MM applications. The cream of the crop is a Coyote Brown Glock 18 Magazine holding 33 rounds of 9mm ammo.  Fully collapsed we're measuring approx 22", easily fitting in a backpack as pictured.  


Quiet but Deadly Yote Slayer

AR-10 .243 Win, DeadAir Sandman Ti

I was approached by this customer with a no holds barred budget of being deadly accurate with only top quality parts.  He advised me that he loads for .243 already so he wanted this build in a gas gun instead of his typical bolt guns.  He said he wants to kill coyotes and wanted high quality.  So off I went, coming up with parts for the build, catering to his high quality budget.  It started with an "Ammo Can" builders set from Aero Precision being a matched upper/lower and hand guard.  Next came a really good barrel, able to retain the heat for rapid follow up shots.  I went with a Dracos barrel and felt their +2 gas system would help this High Pressure build even more.  For the end of the Muzzle, on went an Area 419 Hellfire brake when its not suppressed with the Dead Air Sandman Ti.  I went to the best for the Bolt Carrier Group being JP Rifles.  I selected the Variable Mass QPQ Bolt Carrier and their HP bolt.  Supporting the Carrier it is backed with a Variable Mass Silent Capture Buffer Spring.  Charging the JP products is a Radian Raptor SD Charging handle.  The Firing Control Group is being handled by an Elftmann Tactical AR-10 Trigger with Heavy Hammer Spring.  The trigger is secured by KNS Anti Rotation/Walk pins.  Sitting on top of this beast for now is a Nightforce NX8 1-8 F1.  Check out the pics!  


6.5 Creedmoor AR-10

Precision at its Finest

This is an AR-10, chambered in the deadly accurate, flat shooting 6.5 Creedmoor.  This build started off with the tried and trued Aero Precision Upper/Lower combo and I went with a JP Rifles Handguard to help cover the Criterion/Fulton 24" Stainless Bull barrel.  Gas is carried by a .936 Adjustable Gas Block and muzzle rise is controlled by a JP Cooley Large Brake.  The Bolt Carrier is yet held again by the best being JP Rifles and I went with the Stainless Low Mass Carrier since I am running an Adjustable Gas block.  The bolt was upgraded to the HP bolt from JP as well.  Backing the BCG is JP's SCS in the Heavy version.  Firing Control is a JP Armageddon Gear Revolution Roller held in by JP Anti Walk pins.  For the rear of the rifle I went a little lighter than the typical Magpul PRS and went with a Ruger Precision Butt taken off of a RPR rifle.  Sitting on top of this beast is a Burris XTRII, 5-25x50 SCR Mil Scope, housed in a LaRue QD mount.  Finally, supporting this old girl is an Atlas Bipod and Atlas Monopod.  Check out the Pics!


6.5 Grendel Yote Slayer

Small Frame Coyote Killer

This build was for a customer up in Michigan who loved to shoot coyotes as well.  He sought me out with a large budget in mind and a request for 6.5Grendel which is another great, flat shooting round capable of some amazing distances.  An odd request on this build was it to be a LEFTY Side Charger.  I found this task a little more difficult at first thinking about the parts situation and knew there would be very little out there that met the request.  I sought out Gibbz Arms as they make a billet, side charger for lefties receiver.  After this find, I went with Black Rain Ordnance for the lefty Bolt Carrier in .223 and ended up finding a guy who had a couple left hand bolts for 6.5G with Alexander Arms extractors.  Barrel, I figured 20" would suffice for the distances the owner wanted and I sought out Satern Barrels for this project.  Handling the muzzle end I found a nice brake and ended up contouring it to match the barrel for a sharp clean look.  Handling the Fire Control Group, again I went with JP Rifles, and a JP Silent Capture Buffer Spring was put in to control the recoil quietly.  JP was also used for the Hand Guard and I went with a 17" Mk3 Guard.  Handling the butt end, the customer wanted the Magpul PRS and that's exactly what was put on.  Sitting on top of this old girl is a Burris XTRII, 5-25x50 SCR MOA scope.  With the customer living in Michigan and me having to ship this beast, I suggested a Pelican 1720 case and I cut the foam to fit her for a perfect fit.  Check out the Pics!


10.3" Course Gun

Unicorn Liberal Hater

What can I say about this build...Lets piss off a Liberal seems to sum it up.  Starting with the Muzzle end is a SilencerCo Omega 300 to keep the weight down.  The SilencerCo ASR brake is threaded to a 10.3" Daniel Defense, Cold Hammer Forged, Chrome Lined Mk18 Barrel.  Surrounding this bad ass barrel is a Geissele Mk14 hand guard.  This barrel is then attached to an Aero Precision Upper.  Since this will be used in CQB situations/courses as well as low lighting fundamentals, I went with the best being a Surefire light.  Due to this being a SBR, I decided to go with a Surefire M300C, Sure fire pressure pad and housed it in a Cloud Defensive pressure pad mount placed directly above a BCM Mod3 Vertical Grip.  Also sitting atop the upper used to be a Trijicon MRO but has since changed to an Eotech EXPS3-4 with a G33 Magnifier.  For Back Up Iron Sites, I used a Daniel Defense Fixed front site and a Troy Folding rear for when the G33 is out of the way.  Handling the rounds is a Lantac BCG and Charging duties were left to the Radian Raptor SD Charging handle.  Handling the Recoil is a Vltor A5 system which is an Intermediate Buffer tube and a rifle length spring with H2 buffer.  Handling the butt end duties is a Vltor  EMOD.  Moving down to the lower, it had to be a Spikes themed and a Unicorn Safe Space lower.  Being full libturd, I had to go with one of the best triggers  out there and used a Geissele Super Select Fire trigger.  Holding this amazing trigger is a set of KNS pins.  This was such a great build and has been a great running machine so far. Check out the pics


Custom 300 Blackout

Quiet Pig Slayer.

What better caliber can you suppress than a 300 blackout.  So this build had to be reliable and functional.  Starting with the muzzle end again I went with an AAC SDN-6 suppressor attached to an AAC 3 prong QD Flash hider.  These two are attached to a 10" Aero Precision Barrel and surrounded by an Aero Precision builders kit 9" hand guard.  Handling the rounds is an Aero Precision Nitrided BCG and charging duties were again left to Radian and I went with the SD-SL model.  Attaching these items to the rest of the gun is the Aero Precision Upper and pinned to that is the matching Aero M4E1 Lower.  Housed inside this lower is an Elftmann Flat face trigger.  Holding the trigger down and in is a set of KNS pins.  Sitting atop the upper is a Rudolph 1-6 SFP optic held down by an Aero Precsion offset mount.  Pistol grip is a Magpul K2+ and handling the butt end duties is a Magpul SL-S.  This has been such a great shooter.  Check out the pics!