Small Frame Coyote Killer

This build was for a customer up in Michigan who loved to shoot coyotes as well. He sought me out with a large budget in mind and a request for 6.5Grendel which is another great, flat shooting round capable of some amazing distances. An odd request on this build was it to be a LEFTY Side Charger. I found this task a little more difficult at first thinking about the parts situation and knew there would be very little out there that met the request. I sought out Gibbz Arms as they make a billet, side charger for lefties receiver. After this find, I went with Black Rain Ordnance for the lefty Bolt Carrier in .223 and ended up finding a guy who had a couple left hand bolts for 6.5G with Alexander Arms extractors. Barrel, I figured 20″ would suffice for the distances the owner wanted and I sought out Satern Barrels for this project. Handling the muzzle end I found a nice brake and ended up contouring it to match the barrel for a sharp clean look. Handling the Fire Control Group, again I went with JP Rifles, and a JP Silent Capture Buffer Spring was put in to control the recoil quietly. JP was also used for the Hand Guard and I went with a 17″ Mk3 Guard. Handling the butt end, the customer wanted the Magpul PRS and that’s exactly what was put on. Sitting on top of this old girl is a Burris XTRII, 5-25×50 SCR MOA scope. With the customer living in Michigan and me having to ship this beast, I suggested a Pelican 1720 case and I cut the foam to fit her for a perfect fit. Check out the Pics!