Just an option of a LEO Service rifle, 10.5" Suppressed.  Quality parts, and guaranteed.

LEO Program

Service Rifles for Duty

I developed this program for our Law Enforcement, knowing that they need a great quality, reliable service rifle that fits their departments budget and needs.  In this program, the Department will have the opportunity to get a back up LOANER rifle free of charge should their rifle become part of an investigation and be removed. All that needs to be covered is shipping if the department is out of state.   Also, they will have the option of purchasing the Loaner rifle once their duty rifle is released back into service.  Cost for the LEO program will also be 5% MAP Pricing.  Please Inquire for details and to receive a Quote and info on how us at Breacher's Customs can help you and your department.

Rifles Offered

Pictured above is an Aero Precision Upper/Lower combo, built with Aero Nitrided BCG, KNS Anti Walk/Rotation Trigger Pins, Geissele G2S Service Trigger, Radian Raptor Ambi Charging handle and Battle Arms Ambi Safety, Magpul furniture, Holosun 510C Optic with Halo reticle (think Eotech) that is solar powered, battery back up, has "Shake Awake" technology and a 50,000 hour battery life, finished off with a Dead Air Sandman S suppressor on a QD mount.