Breachers Customs AR9

Additional Information

What can I say about this build?  Sitting at 17" collapsed, this build defines a Backpack Gun.  Adding a little flare with the Iron City Rifle Works "Berserker" Upper and their C4V coated Bolt, she looks great.  This one is fitted with a 3" Spinta Precision barrel, 3" New Frontier hand guard, Maxim Defense CQB Brace and a host of other goodies.  Testing wise, thru 8 mags on initial testing, not one malfunction.  Stay tuned for more!


Custom Buttsy Package

What started out as an AR9, ended up being a package deal with a Custom AR9, Beretta M9A3 and Glock 45, all custom cerakoted.  This was also housed in an OD Green Pelican 1700 and custom cut/lasered for the customer and shipped out.  

The AR9 includes a Maxim Defense CQB Brace, Taccom Extreme 9mm Bolt and Taccom Extreme 5.25" Barrel all housed in a New Frontier Armory Lower, Side Charge Upper and SLR Hand Guard.  Accessories like a Geissele SSA-E Trigger, Battle Arms Ambi Safety, Bolt Catch and Enhanced TD Pins as well as Odin Works Ext Mag Release and a Fab Defense Folding Pistol Grip.

One of thei pistols is a Glock 45 with a Cerakoted Frame, and Custom OD Green Digital Camo job.  The second Pistol was a Beretta M9A3 all done in custom color as well.  This package was a blast to finish.



Who Likes MP5 Mags?

This build I thought of to make an extremely reliable, MP5 mag fed AR9 with folding Pistol Brace.  For reliability I reached out to the Owner of Taccom and ordered up an Extreme Bolt and Extreme 9mm barrel with extended feed ramp.  Housing these items I went with New Frontier, billet side charger and billet lower they are calling C5 that houses a MP5 mag.  Due to the feed ramp set up already in the lower housing, and the extended feed ramp of the Taccom barrel, the feed ramp on the barrel needed to be cut down .030  for clearance.  Covering the barrel, I went with an SLR ION Ultra Light hand guard and their Liner Comp for 9mm.  Handling the buffer end is a Kaw Valley Buffer and Extra Power spring as well as an SBA3 Brace.  Optic, I went with the tried and true Holosun 510C.  Initial testing, 5 mags with zero hiccups.  As usual, its perfect before it leaves.


10.3" 5.56 Tiger Stripe Kit

Another great project finally comes to be.  Customer sought me out for an Aero Precison Builders kit and we turned it into a hell of a build.  Starting with the kit, I chose the Daniel Defense 10.3" Chrome Lined, CHF, optimized for suppressed action barrel, Geissele Gas Block and Tube, and a Dead Air Sandman S Suppressor.  Working back and at the Heart of this beast is a Lantac Enhanced BCG, again optimized for suppressed action.  Charging the Lantac BCG is a Radian Raptor SD-SL Charging handle which is vented to direct gasses away from the shooter.  From there went in a Elftmann Straight shoe trigger, FDE KNS Pins, Battle Arms Ambi Safety, Battle Arms Ext Mag Release, Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch and finally a Magpul MOE + Grip.  For the butt end of the stick is a Maxim Defense CQB Brace with a JP Heavy, Silent Captured Spring.  Topping this guy is a Holosun 503GU FDE Optic with a Geissele Super Precision Mount.