Lil Nina (2.5″ Barrel AR9 w/AR15 Receiver Set)


Looking for what we’re best known for?  Look no further than the Lil Nina!  Featured in Ballistic Mag, this little pocket rocket is a blast to shoot and show off.  Chambered in 9mm, using the AR15 Receiver set and Mean Arms Endomag adapter.

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If you’ve come looking for what we are well known for, this is it.  We build a 2.5″ Barrel AR9 utilizing our Billet Receiver sets, our 2.5″ Barrel with typically a 2.75″ Handguard up to a 3.5″ Handguard.  What makes this one special is we are using the Mean Arms Endomag adapter in a Magpul Pmag 30rd mag.  This allows the look of a AR15 mag while shooting 9mm.  Other benefits are being able to add an additional upper, changing the buffer most likely along with your complete upper and now you have more impact and reach ability with the faster 5.56 caliber out of the same lower.  Pick and Choose from the options below for our most common builds in this size.

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Lil Nina

2.5" Barrel Delta, 2.5" Barrel Charlie, 2.5" Barrel Bravo, 2.5" Barrel Alpha