AR-10 .243 Win, DeadAir Sandman Ti

I was approached by this customer with a no holds barred budget of being deadly accurate with only top quality parts. He advised me that he loads for .243 already so he wanted this build in a gas gun instead of his typical bolt guns. He said he wants to kill coyotes and wanted high quality. So off I went, coming up with parts for the build, catering to his high quality budget. It started with an “Ammo Can” builders set from Aero Precision being a matched upper/lower and hand guard. Next came a really good barrel, able to retain the heat for rapid follow up shots. I went with a Dracos barrel and felt their +2 gas system would help this High Pressure build even more. For the end of the Muzzle, on went an Area 419 Hellfire brake when its not suppressed with the Dead Air Sandman Ti. I went to the best for the Bolt Carrier Group being JP Rifles. I selected the Variable Mass QPQ Bolt Carrier and their HP bolt. Supporting the Carrier it is backed with a Variable Mass Silent Capture Buffer Spring. Charging the JP products is a Radian Raptor SD Charging handle. The Firing Control Group is being handled by an Elftmann Tactical AR-10 Trigger with Heavy Hammer Spring. The trigger is secured by KNS Anti Rotation/Walk pins. Sitting on top of this beast for now is a Nightforce NX8 1-8 F1. Check out the pics!