13.5″ 308 Build

So, the shorty 308. I went pretty extravagant with this build and ordered a Falkor Defense, Dracos “Straight Jacket” 13.5″ barrel. Handling the cycling duties is a JP Rifles Variable Mass BCG and JP Silent Capture Buffer Spring with H2 weights. These are charged by a Radian Raptor Charging Handle. Trigger is a Geissele SSA unit secured with KNS Precision .1550 pins. Take Down pins are Battle Arms Development Enhanced and Battle Arms Ambi Safety as well. Feeding this beast is a Lancer Translucent FDE 20 Rd Mag filled with Fort Scott Munitions 308 ammo. Topped with a Nightforce 2-10 Optic in a LaRue QD Mount. Taming the noise is a Dead Air Sandman Ti Suppressor as an option or as seen in the gallery, an Aero Precision VG6 Self Timing Brake. Handling the butt end of things is an SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Brace. Supporting the barrel end is a rebranded AccuTac Bipod, sold by Falkor Defense.