50 Shades of FDE

Oh the Buttsy—–This little AR-9 Pistol was built for a local Instagram celebrity who goes by the name The Buttsy. He’s a major golf enthusiast and is starting to dip is pinky into weapons. I built this for him on his request of a short, FDE and Black, 9mm AR Platform build. Starting off with the Receiver side, I went with Aero Precision for the upper Receiver and Matrix for the Lower Receiver. Barrel is a new modified Orien Barrel, cut to a custom length for proper look. Muzzle blast is handled by a Noveske KX5 Pig Flash hider and all is covered by an Aero FDE Atlas S-One 7.5″ hand guard. Keeping his hand in check is a BCM KAG hand stop. Charging the Foxtrot Mike FM-9 BCG is our standard Radian Raptor Charging Handle. Sitting a top of the Upper Reveiver is a Low Mount Trijicon MRO. Onto the Matrix Lower, handling the firing duties is a Geissele SSA-E Trigger, secured by proper .1550 KNS Gen G pins specifically made for Geissele Triggers. Handling the “Butt” end of the stick is a Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Brace with a JP Silent Capture Buffer Spring made for 9MM applications. The cream of the crop is a Coyote Brown Glock 18 Magazine holding 33 rounds of 9mm ammo. Fully collapsed we’re measuring approx 22″, easily fitting in a backpack as pictured.