Another great project finally comes to be. Customer sought me out for an Aero Precison Builders kit and we turned it into a hell of a build. Starting with the kit, I chose the Daniel Defense 10.3″ Chrome Lined, CHF, optimized for suppressed action barrel, Geissele Gas Block and Tube, and a Dead Air Sandman S Suppressor. Working back and at the Heart of this beast is a Lantac Enhanced BCG, again optimized for suppressed action. Charging the Lantac BCG is a Radian Raptor SD-SL Charging handle which is vented to direct gasses away from the shooter. From there went in a Elftmann Straight shoe trigger, FDE KNS Pins, Battle Arms Ambi Safety, Battle Arms Ext Mag Release, Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch and finally a Magpul MOE + Grip. For the butt end of the stick is a Maxim Defense CQB Brace with a JP Heavy, Silent Captured Spring. Topping this guy is a Holosun 503GU FDE Optic with a Geissele Super Precision Mount.